»Wild Life« — GESTALTEN

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»Wild Life« — GESTALTEN
Ladybugs, birds, dogs, and owls. With a never-ending curiosity for the world around him, Charley Harper developed one of the most recognizable styles of American illustration in the 20th century. With a body of work ranging from advertising and posters to murals and paintings, and a delicate approach to lines and colors, Harper's love of nature led him to create an influential legacy that is now compiled in this definitive monograph. Curated in collaboration with the Charley Harper Art Studio, led by his son Brett Harper, and offering insights into his private life, influences, and professional evolution, this book presents the Harper universe in its totality. A must-read to understand the legacy of this Mid-Century master, who set the basis for modern illustration.

The Life and Work of Charley Harper
336 Seiten
Veröffentlicht 31. März 2022
Verlag/Hersteller Gestalten
Herausgeber Andrea Servert, Robert Klanten
Sprache: englisch

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